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More than just hot springs!
Healing experiences
for body and mind
in Tamana
Sample one-day itinerary in Tamana Spend a special day in Tamana City to heal yourself, body and mind. Enjoy blissful moments through refreshing hands-on activities.

01.Good-luck tour with a local guide

See the Hiryu-no-Kane (flying dragon bell), one of the largest temple bells in the world, at the Rengein Tanjouzi Okunoin Temple

An English-speaking guide will lead you on a walking tour around the spacious precincts of the Rengein Tanjouzi Okunoin Temple, one of Kyushu’ s most famous power spots, which is located at the western foot of the city’ s sacred mountain, Mt. Shodai. There is much to see, including a five-story pagoda that is the first of its kind in Japan to be climbable. The pagoda offers 360-degree views of the Ariake Sea and Fugen-dake (Mt. Unzen) . Take in the beauty of the temple precincts in each of the four seasons.

The Hiryu-no-Kane (flying dragon bell)one of the largest temple bells in the world

A five-story pagoda that can be climbed-the first of its kind in Japan!

Rengein Tanjouzi Okunoin Temple

Address: 1512-77 Tsuiji , Tamana-shi, Kumamoto
Access: 20-min. drive from JR Shin-Tamana Station (Shinkansen)

02.Rejuvenate yourbody and mind

Relax in a sauna with a view of the Ariake Sea and Fugen-dake (Mt. Unzen)

DEEP RELAX VIEW SAUNA 37 is a new facility at the Kusamakura Spa Campground with a bright orange exterior inspired by the surrounding mandarin orange orchards. The windows of this private sauna offer a magnificent view of the orchards, Ariake Sea, and Fugen-dake (Mt. Unzen). Citrus aromas are available, and you can pour water on the hot stones to release steam in the sauna.

Spend time however you want, at your own pace

Gaze out at the sunset while rejuvenating yourself in the sauna


Address: 511-1 Tensuimachi Oama, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto
Access: 25-min. drive from JR Shin-Tamana Station (Shinkansen)

03. Savor delicious food in a “hidden” restaurant with a spectacular view

Enjoy a full course meal featuring plenty of locally- mandarin orange orchard grown ingredients from Tamana

Run by a mandarin orange farmer, this restaurant is a favorite of those in-the-know, even among locals. There is no menu-instead, the chef makes extensive use of the best seasonal ingredients available in Tamana at the moment. The restaurant is surrounded by a mandarin orange orchard, and the beautiful Ariake Sea is visible from inside the restaurant and from the terrace.

The course features plenty of seasonal, locally-grown ingredients

Savor your meal and a spectacular view from the mandarin orange orchard

Farmhouse Restaurant Kamuju

Address: 722-8 Tensuimachi Oama, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto
Access: 25-min. drive from JR Shin-Tamana Station (Shinkansen)
01. Made with Tamana-grown mandarin orange peel and homemade ginger syrup

Hot Buttered Ginger Tea

Homemade ginger syrup and Tamana-grown mandarin orange peel is added to ginger black tea from Kumamoto Prefecture. The butter floating on top blends into the tea, resulting in a soothing, creamy drink that will warm your chilled body. Enjoy it together with Kumamoto’ s famous confectionery, “Matsukaze.”

02. A craft drink that combines Tamana-grown cherry tomatoes with fruit vinegar

Spice Tomatonic (summer only)

This drink contains whole Tamana-grown cherry tomatoes. The refreshing coolness and tartness of Tamana fruit vinegar amplifies the sweetness of the tomatoes. After drinking it a bit, add special spices for a change in taste! The spices will transform it into an exciting drink unlike anything you have tried before.

03. Manga-style premium soft serve

Tamana red and white strawberries

This “manga-style” soft serve ice cream is decadently topped with shavings of Tamana-grown “Yubeni” strawberries and premium “Awayuki” white strawberries, which are only produced at two farms in Tamana. The red and white cones, considered to be auspicious colors in Japan, have been “blessed for good health” at the Rengein Tanjouzi Okunoin Temple.

Tanpopo-do is located in front of the gate to the Rengein Tanjouzi Okunoin Temple and consists of a restaurant and souvenir shop. The shop offers a wide selection of souvenirs, sweets, incense, prayer beads, and other carefully chosen miscellaneous goods. After visiting the temple, enjoy their famous manga-style soft serve, cafe menu items, or a meal in the tranquil space. The restaurant can accommodate individual customers as well as groups (of 10 to 50 people).

Isshin Kaikan Tanpopo-do

Hours: Open year-round, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(irregular holidays at the end of the year only)
Address: 1512-77 Tsuiji, Tamana-shi, Kumamoto
(next to the Rengein Tanjouzi Okunoin Temple)
Tel: +81 968-74-3577
Fax: +81 968-74-3578